Suzy Beeler

By teaching biology through a quantitative lens,
I hope to prepare students for the 21st century of biological inquiry

I recently joined the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines as an Assistant Teaching Professor. After obtaining a BS in Mathematical and Computational Biology at Harvey Mudd College, I’ve been dedicated to approaching biology from quantitative perspectives. With that goal in mind, I completed my PhD in the Biophysics lab of Rob Phillips at the California Institute of Technology. During my time in graduate school, I took advantage of many opportunities to teach physical and quantitative biology both on and off campus, nurturing my passion for teaching and mentoring. I look forward to sharing this passion for quantitative biology with the students at Mines, as the newly-created Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering undergraduate degree takes off.


Jun 15, 2021 I’m very excited to be joining Colorado School of Mines as an Assitant Teaching Professor in the fall! I will be joining the Chemical and Biological Engineering department and contributing to their new Quantitavie Biosciences and Engineering undergraduate major!
Mar 11, 2021 My Bi23 tutorial was featured in this Caltech news story.
Jan 6, 2021 I’m excited to be leading a Bi23 tutorial, my first course that I have designed by myself. The topic is At the Intersection of Biology and Race.
Jan 4, 2021 I’ll be serving as a TA for Physical Biology of the Cell, remote edition. All the course lectures will be hosted on Youtube.
Nov 3, 2020 Niko McCarty and I wrote a piece for Caltech Letters, explaining our work to a general audience.

selected publications

  1. Deciphering the regulatory genome of Escherichia coli, one hundred promoters at a time
    William Ireland, Suzannah Beeler, Emanuel Flores-Bautista, Nicholas McCarty, Tom Röschinger, Nathan Belliveau, Michael Sweredoski, Annie Moradian, Justin Kinney, and Rob Phillips